Ninety percent of Netflix

November 27, 2010


C/o the queasy undergrad

Some people got no voice that they can call their own” – PixleViewer

no you can’t

November 22, 2010

yes we can

November 19, 2010

Jack Handey

November 19, 2010

He passed away after a long, courageous battle with honky-tonkin’ and alley-cattin’.


November 17, 2010

“Still Tastes Like Soap.”


November 17, 2010

Vince Howard and Vince Howard’s mom are both on tonight’s episode of Parenthood.

On the Equilibrium of Planes

November 15, 2010

Young Archimedeans. c/o M. Leonard


November 9, 2010

how sleazy, shitty, and just plain random the themes that iGoogle offers. some are tasteful: classic, chicago, lebron james. Others are not:

Inisheer cottage ruin
Sexy feet
Big Bang
asdfgklo’ (kurt cobain images)
British handball men’s team
dreem girl
“andrew’s sweet hoops attempt #3”
“Shadows and Smog: Phoenix”
“beaches of europe”
16 tornado pictures
“sexy muscle men”