Some season 2 X-Files  episodes

August 22, 2010

Episode 2X10 – “Red Museum” – 9 December 1994

Some scary shit. There is a weird type of museum cult based around some red-robed people. There are naked teenagers staggering out of the woods with shit written on their backs. People are being injected with hormones and it is turning them all crazy. That one dude who killed Deep Throat makes an appearance and it is awful. Then at the end we find out it was all some kind of crazy science experiment.

Rating: 4/5 (for weird happenings and for the local lawman being innocent of wrongdoing)

Episode 2X11 – “Aubrey” – 6 January 1995

Again with the writing on people. There’s a crime that happened a long time ago, which Mulder naturally knows everything about. Mulder makes a joke about women named “BJ” (which is that they are all jokes). NB: this may be one of the last instances of “libidinous Mulder,” whose suppression from the X-Files led to the creation of Californication. It takes everybody a really long time to figure out that the second cut on somebody’s chest reads “BROTHER.” Pretty grim rape and abortion stuff.

Rating: 3/5 (happenings from long ago, occurrences of brutality, a local law-woman in trouble, John Locke makes an appearance as a kind of dickheaded sheriff).

Episode 2X22 – “F. emasculata” – 28 May 1995

Firing on all cylinders. I hate these things: disease, germ-pods exploding into peoples eyes, insects being taped onto human flesh, “Toxins…they’re moving into my brain just like they did in the prisoners,” the Man Who Smokes, drug companies. No magic, sadly. I love it when a guy shoots a gun into the air to scare off animals. That is absolutely the best.

Rating 5/5 (Hank Shrader, Scully in lockdown, a kid named Angel is saved from dying by his “really thick hair,” me being terrified of ebola outbreaks all the time)


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