Dubliners  revisited

July 11, 2010

Courtesy of foolishicarus, this endearing summary:

The Sisters boy stuck w/ one now daed companion
An Encounter old guy talks to 2 boys in a spoiled adventure
Araby boy wants to buy a gift for a girl that doesn’t care
Eveline changes her mind and stays home w/ angry father instaed of getting married
After the Race gambles everything away all night
Two Gallants meet up w/ girl that steals for them
The Boarding House marries her daughter off
A Little Cloud little man w/ new baby & passionless wife
Counterparts gets drunk and beats his kid
Clay woman thats a spinster visits the boy she nursed on halloween
A Painful Case guy meets girl girl kills herself guy feels used
Ivy Day in the Committee Room no one trusts the candidate the support like the disciples
A Mother woman wants her daughters commicsin then storms off
Grace man bites a bit of his tongue off then goes to a catholic church he doesn’t believe in
The Dead guy has an epiphany


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