March 11, 2010


one of the perks of writing my seminal blog, Audiosurface, was getting free music from promoters.  they’d send the press release and a link to an album (or just a few sample tracks).  the hope was that i would write about them.  a long while ago, i stopped opening those emails, mainly because they were usually pretty shitty.  but i never unsubscribed; i still liked getting free shit occasionally.

flash forward to today.  this one catches my eye because it’s addressed to me: “Kyle, jittery-popsters Man/Miracle in Portland w/ Rogue Wave 4/9.”  Oh, well, hello there.  Like a charming gypsy, the initial hook was masterful.  inside:

Above the Salon (mp3)

at its core, it’s a decent barenaked ladies song. but what of that jangly guitar and dirty projectors swagger? this is some strange half-breed, bridging the gap between 90s and ’10s seamlessly.  i am potentially “into it,” but it might be too early to tell.

i wonder what other treasures await me in future emails.

it’s destiny


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