This is News

March 2, 2010

I just read a front-page article (front fucking page) in the Wall Street Journal about macarons. Basically, French people are getting all huffy because McDonald’s has some macarons on their menu now. And I quote:

“Macarons are not meant to be mainstream,” sniffs Laetitia Brock, a native of Paris who has been blogging about French culture from Washington for the past six years. When she got wind that Starbucks was offering macarons over the holidays, she ran out and purchased a boxed set. “Very mushy,” she concluded, after a few bites.”

Mushy mainstream macarons? #483 on the Mayan’s list of apocalyptic omens.


One Response to “This is News”

  1. Hallie said

    a macaron is a french macaroon. macaroons are passover food, but they look like haystacks instead of tiny ice cream sandwiches.

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